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Smart 24k Pure Gold


Smart 24k Pure Gold

  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Long lasting color
  • Fungus and algae resistant
  • Excellent hiding power
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Smart 24K Pure Gold is a premium quality, 100% full acrylic water-based emulsion paint formulated with premium lustrous pigment. It is a quick dry high performance coating with excellent
weathering properties designed for use at indoor and outdoor decorative and craft application.

Smart 24K Pure Gold offers good adhesion on various kinds of substrate such as metal, wood, masonry
concrete and plaster ceiling to produce a fashionable metallic effect. It also resist to dirt, algae,
mildew and alkali attack in order to maintain pristine or metallic glaze appearance.

Smart 24K Pure Gold mostly For decoration and protection of Concrete, Granite, Plaster Ceiling & Cornices, Cast Iron Design, Metal Gates, Grills and Rock Iron Finish.

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