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Mercury M800 Fiberglass Filler


Mix the hardener and filler together until an even colour result. Mercury M800 Fiberglass Filler has a high glass fibre content and is not designed as a surface finishing body filler. For super line surfaces skim coat with few Mercury Polyester Putty.

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Mercury M800 Fiberglass Filler Instruction for Use:

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of oil or grease. Any loose paint and rusted metals should be removed and the area sanded down to a sound surface.

The correct hardener addition is 2% (by weight) M800 has a rapid gelation and cure time. At normal temperatures, Mercury M800 Fiberglass Filler has a working time of some 5 minutes and will cure in about 20 minutes. The hardener can also be added in proportion i.e. Quarter of the paste requires of the hardener. Adding more hardener reduces the working time (gelation) and adding less hardener lengthens the working time.

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